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Want to experience Clean Conscience cleaning in your office? We offer one time, monthly, bi-weekly and weekly cleaning services in Boulder and Denver.


These days, most people spend more time at work, in the office, than at home. Day in and day out, we work hard, without realizing that we may be exposed to toxic environmental substances in the work place, particularly from chemical cleaning agents. As many offices have cleaning services come in when employees are not in the office, we can sometimes forget that new layers of dangerous cleaners are regularly applied to desks, kitchens, bathrooms and meeting areas.

Many common office cleaners contain ammonia, chlorine and formaldehyde, each offering dangerous impacts on human health, as well as the environment. When inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, these harmful toxins can have a multitude of negative health effects, including skin, eye and lung irritation, burns, nausea, a seriously increased risk of developing illness and cancer, and more. In addition, all of these chemicals contribute to environmental pollution, and infiltrate the soil and water system. Is a table top that smells like lemon really worth it?

Fortunately, there are safe cleaning alternatives for your office and small business space. Clean Conscience offers professional cleaning services using only safe, non-toxic cleaning products and practices, allowing you to enjoy a chemical-free work environment without worry. The best part? Your business will operate knowing that employees aren’t being exposed to toxins, and that the earth’s wellbeing isn’t compromised because of your chemical cleaners.

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