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Creating an Eco-Friendly business can be a challenge. Often, it requires some upfront costs, and changes in your company culture. We interviewed 20 of the most eco-friendly companies in Boulder CO asking them, “How have you incorporated eco-friendly practices into your business?”

We received many great responses, check out their answers below:


Eco-Products Boulder

Eco-Products is the leading brand of foodservice packaging made from renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. In addition to our commitment to compostable cups and recycled to-go boxes, we also work hard to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our company. At our Boulder HQ, we compost and recycle to divert about 80% of our materials from the landfill. We have set goals to achieve net zero electricity, reduce water consumption, and reduce the environmental impacts of our travel. Our internal “Sustainability Squad” makes sure sustainability is part of our culture, from organizing hard-to-recycle events and “stuff swaps”, to sharing eco-tips. Employees are also provided an RTD EcoPass and eight hours of paid time off to volunteer every year. Beyond our walls, we work with industry associations to advance composting and recycling, and help large organizations develop zero waste programs.

More information on our sustainability efforts can be found in our sustainability report, here:

Organic Sandwich Company
Organic Sandwich Company Boulder

We have been working with the city to be zero waste. Here are some of our practices:

– We use all compostable materials for our sandwiches and drinks (mostly Eco Products) – ex. butcher paper, cold cups/lids, coffee cups/lids, soup cups/lids, straws, spoons/forks/knives, napkins, etc.
– The only trash created by the products we sell comes from our chip bags and gluten free treats (we try to keep them truly gluten free!)
– We recycle our third party drink containers (bottles and plastic), and any cardboard we receive
– We compost all kitchen scraps, napkins, and paper
– We use a fitted water saver on our kitchen sink sprayer
– We have a small urban garden – growing herbs and tomatoes (that we use) rather than flowers…

Ocean First Divers

Oceans First

In addition to what I’ve included below, you can find many of our green initiatives on our website:

• 10 KW Solar PV and Thermal.

• Eco-Cycle Green Business Partner & Zero Waste Participant.

• Sustainable building materials and low/no VOC paints.

• Buying guide for soaps, shampoos, and cleaning supplies that excludes chemicals and harmful additives.

• Actively work with our manufacturers to reduce their packaging.

• Clear Comfort pool filtration system that uses about 70% less chemicals that a traditional pool. Our pool water has been testing cleaner than Boulder’s drinking water for the last two months!! (The system splits O2 molecules into two individual oxygen atoms, which are highly unstable. They immediately bond with dirt and grim and create H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide, which is a by-product of the cleaning system). We are moving towards ZERO chemicals in the pool within the next six months.

• Xeriscape property that includes a beach volleyball court for endless hours of fun!!

Mosaic Architects

mosaiclogo interior webadd 2+ rgb

Mosaic Architects + Interiors is committed to lessening our footprint on the planet both in our work and in our workplace. At the office we employ recycling on all levels by providing recycling bins at all employee workstations + printers, as well as recycling and composting in our kitchen facilities. All of our paper has a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content, including printer paper, notebooks and file folders. A majority of our cleaning products are environmentally sensitive and include brands such as Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers. We also aim to do our part in water conservation by utilizing low-flow toilets in the restrooms (dual-flush) and using cloth towels versus disposable paper products. Additionally, our new office location allows us to be gentler on the planet in terms of energy consumption through electricity. All computers have a “sleep” function that dims unused screens and our interior overhead task lighting is rarely used due to our office space being flooded with natural light.

As Architects and Designers, we also employ environmental sensitivities in our work. Where possible, we select recycled content products for our clients and products that promote positive Indoor Air Quality within a structure (low to no VOC’s). We also attempt to shop locally and patronize local bushiness in the Denver Metro area to lessen the carbon footprint of our profession. As is typical in our field at this time, we are highly attuned to Home Energy demands and do what we can to design as well as employ consultants who support our efforts in reducing energy demands in plumbing, electricity, mechanical systems and building systems.

It feels good to be doing our part!

Green Girl Recycling
Green Girl Recyling

We help design, implement and service complete recycling, shredding, electronics recycling, composting and hard-to-recycling programs for all business size and types for all Boulder County businesses as well as all residents in the mountain communities. We have been providing these front-door style amazing programs since 1998 and are absolutely passionate about what we offer all our customers. Our company is female owned and operated and last year was honored to win the Boulder County Business Report “Mercury 100-Fastest Growing Private Companies” award.

How are we greener than others? For starters we use bio-diesel fuel in our recycling fleet. We work to minimize our carbon footprint with fastest routing practices driving around town and lastly use low or no lighting at our warehouse facility during work hours. Green Girl Recycling doesn’t believe in styrofoam anything for food service, reusing-reducing and then recycling as much as possible and educating all our customers on ways they can make their office greener. A great example of reuse for our customers is our recycling barrels. These barrel style containers which are 55-gal drums were used to hold lotion for hand cream and we give them extra life as a recycling bin until they get too icky or old.

I and Love and You

I and Love and You

“I and love and you” is a young company, but we’re starting off on the right foot. Paw. Foot? Foot-paw? Sure. The steps we’ve taken are just the start of our trip as we wind our way along the path of sustainability. And for us, green living and being kind to the planet isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. On a bike. With a basket. And a baguette in that basket. Our Boulder corporate headquarters is 100% wind-powered, we compost, we support and encourage employees to use alternative transportation methods to work, we purchase carbon offsets for all of our travel and we barely shower. Just kidding on that last part. We had to draw the line somewhere! We are also founding members of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition, where we collaborate to accelerate sustainability in the pet industry by encouraging the implementation of best-practices, by providing tools and resources for advancement and by promoting continual and authentic improvement for the benefit of our environment, communities and businesses. We’d like to think that if the Earth had a tail it would be wagging right now.

Eco Snow Removal

ECO Snow Removal

Fueling their vehicles with recycled vegetable oil and bio-diesel, utilizing polyurethane plow blades and specialized ice melt products, are a few of the many ways in which the company works to utilize environmentally friendly practices. Their staff understands the chemistry of products such as salt and ice melting compounds, allowing them to spread the minimum amounts for maximum effect.

Additionally, the administrative office uses a paperless contracts and billing system, along with many other energy and resource saving and practices. The snow removal industry is constantly devising new ways to minimize its impact on the environment, and Eco Snow Removal is committed to utilizing these best practices.

Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic

We incorporate the following eco friendly practices in our business:

1) We built our clinic with green building techniques. We used cork flooring, recycled wood and zero VOC paints. We endeavored to have a non-toxic finish to make our clinic compatible for those with chemical sensitivities.
2) We use energy efficient fixtures and heating and cooling. We use a swamp cooler rather than an AC system and have a vestibule so that heat does not escape in the winter.
3) We provide discounts to patients who walk or ride bikes. We encourage our clinicians to ride bikes and use alternative transportation.
4) We use locally sourced medicinal herbs as part of herbalism practice. We pride ourselves on using the best of organic and wild crafted herbs from within our own ecosystem.
5) We use a healthcare model that is community based and has resources to support folks who want to make steps to live more ecological lives.
6) Nature base healthcare lessens downstream pollution from persistent medications and creates health that is both regenerative and integrative with the rest of your life.

Bite Back Bed Bug Removal

Bite Back Bed Bug Removal

Bite Back Bedbug Removal has not just incorporated Eco-friendly practices into our business, it is founded on Eco-friendly practices. We kill bedbugs and eradicate infestations with zero pesticides or synthetic chemicals. We use heat in the form of an industrial steam process that is highly effective. Unlike other methods, it’s kills the bugs AND the eggs on contact! The big secret in the pest control world is that heat is really the most effective method of treatment to eradicate bedbugs, so rather than spray pesticides, which are harmful to people, pets, and the environment, we cut right to the best solution: heat treatment. With our method you can sleep easy knowing that the bugs are gone, and haven’t been replaced in your bed, or your child’s bed with harmful chemicals.

Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast

Briar Rose Bed & Breakfast

Eco-friendly practices trace down to our very core, to be mindful in everything we do. At the Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast we take just as much care to compost, recycle, and purchase/use eco-friendly products throughout our business as we put into friendly guest service! Some examples of our efforts are providing full organic breakfasts & organic teas, using organic cotton sheets & towels, eco-friendly cleaners, zero-VOC paints, as well as composting and recycling as much as possible.

Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration Boulder Office

Severe Weather Roofing Boulder Office

Here at our Boulder office location we use Owens Corning’s EcoTouch Insulation. Owens Corning is the first insulation and masonry veneer manufacturer to receive this approval, which will help builders and designers select products that meet specific green practices and can earn points towards the National Green Building Standard.

Pellmans Automative

Pellman's Automotive

We are passionate about caring for our environment and feel a responsibility to minimize the impact the automotive repair and maintenance business can have on the Boulder County environment. It’s so important to us, that we have included environmental responsibility as part of our mission statement since we opened.

To ensure the work we do at Pellman’s Auto Repair has a minimal effect on our surrounding air, water, and soil, we take the following steps in the course of our daily work:

– Energy Use Reduction
– Smart Purchasing
– Recycling
– Reuse/Reprocess Automotive Parts and Supplies
– Composting
– Aerosol Reduction

Boulder Commercial Real Estate

Boulder Commercial Real Estate

Boulder Commercial Real Estate helps investors find Eco-Friendly commercial properties. I help my client find green buildings with the following components:

– Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
– Water Efficiency
– Environmentally Preferable Building Materials
– Waste Reduction
– Toxics Reduction
– Indoor Air Quality



Made from 100% postconsumer/recycled paper, all of our products are at the forefront of eco-friendly. We make handmade paper that is embedded with seeds, when planted it grows! We offer wedding invitations, greeting cards, and promotional products of all kinds that are not only good for the Earth, but help to beautify it. We recently installed a 30kw solar installation that supplies all of the power needed in our manufacturing process. We encourage our staff to ride bikes to work each day and participate in the company’s recycling program on a daily basis. Companies have embraced our eco-friendly paper as the best medium for helping communicate their own environmental initiatives.



Interact is a branding and packaging design firm that works directly with Consumer Packaged Goods companies (CPGs). Our unique industry and skill set allows us to consult with our clients and partners on best practices to eliminate unnecessary packaging waste, sparing businesses of excessive environmental impact while also helping to save money and materials. When appropriate, we also recommend the use of recycled paper substrates and plant based inks to enhance our unique and compelling design solutions.

These business practices are paired with the companies own Eco-friendly measures: everyday office recycling, water jug use to cut down on consumption of bottled beverages, use of open windows and fresh air over AC whenever possible, and the use of our abundant natural light over electricity.

My Print Experts

My Print Experts

Here’s how we incorporate eco-friendly practices into our business:

-Courier service reduces traffic congestion and emissions
-Delivery vehicle carbon emissions offset with Colorado Carbon Fund
-90% waste diversion
-Paper usage offset by tree replanting efforts
-PACE Certified (Partners for a Clean Environment)
-Extensive selection of high quality, recycled papers
-In-store composting and recycling

Amadeus Consulting

Amadeus Consulting

As a company, we try to reduce our footprint by recycling, composting, and bringing hard to recycle materials such as Styrofoam and hardware to CHaRM. We recognize that we are inextricably linked with our community and our environment. It is this link that commits us to doing our part to tread lightly and reduce our consumption of natural resources. We also maintain a sustainability section of our blog to share with our readers how they can do their part to preserve our environment.

The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot

As a certified B Corp business, being eco-friendly is always at the forefront of our minds. We start with traditionally harvested teas which are more eco-friendly than machine processed teas and package them in recyclable tins and light-weight bulk bags that significantly reduce the energy to pack and ship. When our customers are finished with their tea leaves and sachet’s they are 100% biodegradable so they can feel good about their own eco-friendliness.

We also have 5 ways loose tea reduces your carbon footprint:

1. ELIMINATE WASTE: No tea bags and excess packing… No landfill…
2. REUSE: Resteep leaves for added “green” factor, value, & enjoyment!
3. COMPOST used leaves.
4. REUSE / RECYCLE metal tea tins.
5. BONUS… Resteep your tea leaves a final time to water your house plants.

Green Eyed Motors

Green Eyed Motors

Green Eyed Motors

Here at Green Eyed Motors, we strive to be eco-friendly in as many ways as possible, from recycling, to keeping a bike rack in our garage which encourages employees to bike to work, or to our use of re-refined oils for the in all of our cars. Speaking of our inventory, as the nation’s top re-seller of Zero-Emissions and Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicles, we also have the widest selection of environmentally-friendly vehicles that you’ll find anywhere. And because we focus on selling environmentally-friendly vehicles, we’ve been able to help hundreds individuals lower their environmental impact everywhere along Colorado’s front range. While we know that we haven’t changed the world yet, we think it’s a good start!


momentum boulder

Momentum has incorporated eco-friendly practices by purchasing recycled and sustainable products, as well as re-using all packing supplies from shipments. Momentum utilizes a low energy lighting system, has recycled bamboo flooring, and has a recycled kitchen countertop and cash wrap. Momentum’s walls are also insulated with blue jeans. Momentum employees recycle and use green cleaning products. Momentum also has a dual-flush toilet. In addition, the products that Momentum carries are sustainably made from recycled materials or easily renewable sources.

Workshop 8

Workshop 8 Boulder

We have PV panels, we recycle and compost. We have an eco pass program. Many people bike or walk to work. We try to push our clients to be as “green” as possible in their material choices.

Lead Generation Experts

Lead Generation Experts Boulder

At Lead Generation Experts, we have created two employee incentives to help make our company more Eco-Friendly. First, our “Bike to Work” program gives extra monthly stipends to participants. Lastly, we have designated Friday, as a work from home day. This has helped us significantly cut down our energy consumption.

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