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Top 5 Worst Home Cleaning Tasks

Here’s our list of the Top Five worst house cleaning chores.  If you think we missed anything, add it in the comments.

5.  High Windows

The first problem here is the inherent danger from being on a ladder. If you don’t have a ladder then you probably have to own some specialty cleaning tools like a telescoping pole. Getting a streak-free clean is difficult, but not impossible.





4.  Blinds

Whether vertical or horizontal, wood or fabric, cleaning blinds is never a fun chore. Plenty of patience is always required for cleaning these pesky dust traps. If they have been neglected for too long be prepared to get covered in fine dust while cleaning.

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3.  Baseboards

Bending over constantly to get at those nooks and crannies makes for a sore back, especially when there is furniture to move.





2.  Grout

There is only one word to describe dirty tile grout, Yuck! Deep dirt and mildew are grout’s best friends. Your bathrooms and other grout areas are likely due for a deep cleaning. Putting this off will only make it worse in the future.

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1.  Underneath / Behind the Refrigerator

Years of sticky spills, dust, and dead insects are just some of the horrors that may be lurking underneath your refrigerator. Refrigerators are heavy and difficult to move. To get it all the way out for cleaning you will probably have to disconnect the water line to it as well.

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Honorable Mention – Ceiling Fans

You love the air circulation provided by the ceiling fan in your great room, but have you ever tried cleaning it? How would you even go about it? Watch for falling dust and be careful not to damage the fan.



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