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Microfiber Cloth, the Superior Cleaning Tool

When it comes to cleaning, the tools you use are just as important as the effort you put in. If the cleaning task at hand happens to be cleaning off a counter top, mopping a floor, or other similar tasks; the best choice for doing so would be a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are far superior to the average rag when it comes to absorbency and soil removal. So, why are microfiber cloths so much more effective? Well, the good people at Town and Country Cleaning, may have the answer to that question. This article, gives four reasons why microfiber is the superior cleaning tool.


4 Reasons Why Microfiber Cloth Cleaning is Superior


What Makes Microfibers Superior For Cleaning?

They are made up of tiny split fibers that act like paddlewheels scooping up and retaining dirt and soils until they are laundered out.

Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Tips

  • It is important to use only damp, never over-wet microfiber cloths or mop heads, to avoid coating the tiny fibers with water.  Permitting that coat of water (by using wet rather than barely damp) defeats their magnetic attraction to soils and their adsorbent capacity.      (See more on cleaning floors with water.)
  • Microfiber materials can hold many times (roughly 7 to 8 times) their own weight in liquid and clean far more effectively than cotton (90+ % soil removal versus 30% for cotton).
  • TownCountryMicrofiberClothCleaning 300x191 4 Reasons Why Microfiber Cloth Cleaning is SuperiorMicrofibers are available in colors to help prevent cross-contamination.  At Town and Country Cleaning Services, we use red/orange in bathrooms only, other colors for other parts of the house.  We build in color-coding to prevent cross-contamination as we clean.  Your kitchen person may not be able to tell where a cloth came from – but if it is red/orange, they know it does NOT belong in their tray.

4 Reasons Why Microfiber Cleaning is Superior

  1. They pick up and hold dirt better and longer.
  2. They help prevent cross-contamination
  3. They launder readily and come back for more.  Town and Country Cleaning Service’s “hospital-grade” microfibers used in our residential cleans can be laundered hundreds of times – ideally with temperatures up to 160o F and dried up to that temperature as well.
  4. TownCountryCleaningwithWaterH2O 300x175 4 Reasons Why Microfiber Cloth Cleaning is SuperiorThey have been shown in a University of California – Davis study to remove debris, bacteria and viruses to at least the 99% level with pure water.  It is exciting to pursue the theory that disinfection may prove attainable with NO toxins!