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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

We often encounter blinds that have really been neglected during one time or move out cleanings.  In addition to  just being hand wiped, these blinds often require some extra special attention. Chris Hall from Aspen Services based in Broomfield, Colorado shared with us some details on “ultasonic blind cleaning” a service they offer along with window cleaning, gutter cleaning and window film installation.

Guest Blogger:

How do you clean blinds?  “Hang” them in the shower, vacuum them, lay them out on the driveway.  Sure all these methods do some good, but all fall short of a complete clean.  The only way to truly clean blinds (headrail, cords, slats or cells, footrail) is to have them cleaned using the ultrasonic method.

What is the ultrasonic method?  Ultrasonic blind cleaning, technically, is the use of mechanical sound waves to assist in the cleaning process.  Transducers vibrate at 40 KHz which create millions of microscopic bubbles that form then implode.  This process is known as cavitation.  The result of cavitation is a gentle and extremely through cleaning which cleans internal and other hard to reach surfaces.  Ultrasonic cleaning will not scratch, pit, or damage blinds the way conventional methods can.

This method is used by many industries from cleaning dental equipment to industrial equipment.  Blinds are immersed in a water filled chamber with a mild blind cleaning solution.  The transducers are activated for a short amount of time after which they are transferred to a rinse chamber with ultra pure water (.000-.009 total dissolved solids).  Once rinsed the blinds are hung to dry.

Aspen Services in Broomfield, CO specializes in ultrasonic blind cleaning.  You can drop your blinds off at their location or they will come to your house, take your blinds down, take them back to their shop, clean them, then return and rehang them.  For more information go to or call 303-818-5258.