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How to Clean Like a Professional: Five Tips for Easy House Cleaning

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If you have ever used a professional cleaning company, you will certainly know the excitement – and relief – of coming home after a professional cleaning. Kitchen appliances sparkle, the hardwood floors shine, and the whole house smells wonderfully clean – and you didn’t lift a finger to get it done!

However, most people cannot afford to have their home professionally cleaned on a daily basis and need to do at least some minimal cleaning between professional house cleaning visits. As the owner of Kitsap Clean, a Bainbridge Island cleaning company (Washington state), I often get questions for customers on how to keep up their home after we leave and between their regularly scheduled cleaning visits.  Here are five easy to implement house cleaning tips to keep your home visitor ready between your professional house cleaning visits.

1. Clean from Top to Bottom

Dust settles, and every professional house cleaner knows that you need to clean a room from top to bottom. Otherwise, you will end up having to re-clean a lot of surfaces! Start by knocking off the dust from high surfaces like ceiling fans and then do a “high dusting” of the top of your rooms to remove cobwebs and dust before dusting lower surfaces like dressers and tables.

2. Use the Right Tools

It is worthwhile spending some money on at least a few professional quality tools like an extension duster – which will let you reach high areas of your room – and a cleaning caddy to hold your supplies. The right tools will save you a lot of time and frustration when you are cleaning.

3. Use Non-Toxic Products Whenever Possible
Using non-toxic products is not just good for the environment – it is good for your own health as well! There are plenty of green options available these days, and you can also make your own cleaning products from items you likely already have around your home. Vinegar and baking soda, for example, are great for many different cleaning jobs. You can also ask your house cleaner for recommendations of what products they like to use, and they may even share some of their own cleaning recipes with you!

4. Use Essential Oils Keep Your Home Smelling Great

This is actually one of my favorite tips for keeping my home smelling great between cleaning days. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a light bulb and then turn it on. The smell will quickly spread throughout the room. I really enjoy doing this with lavender oil as I find it relaxing, but you can use any oil that you prefer. Lots of my clients like the smell of lemon and mint essential oils, but you should experiment to find a scent you love. You can also change the oil you use to match your mood, and you may even want to consider investing in an essential oil diffuser to use the oils even more easily.

5. Clean to the Right Beat

Listening to music you enjoy while you clean can make the time go by faster while you are cleaning your home. Try to find a genre and tempo that energizes you while you are cleaning!