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How To Easily Keep Your Home Clean While Listing It For Sale

How To Easily Keep Your Home Clean While Listing It For Sale by Rene Guin-Salazar


If the idea of selling your house, and keeping it clean while selling, is on your mind, this blog post is for you!

Most sellers have a way of life.  Think:  having a pile of dirty laundry by the shower (where you remove your clothes), or the pile of makeup on the bathroom counter for getting ready in the morning.

The idea of listing your home for sale gets you to thinking “How will I keep it clean and organized, show ready” on a day-to-day basis.  Obstacles like late night work session’s, children’s play rooms, making beds in the mornings when there is already little time.

You may have already spent weekends prepping your home.  Painting.  Organizing.  Your limbs may be drooping from getting all of the prep work done.  You expect a buyer to walk in and immediately put a contract to purchase and your life can get back to normal.  Not quite.  In many markets the industry average for a home priced right, and in good condition should sell within 160 days of being on the market.  In easy terms, that could be five months or longer.

In the beginning of the process you are enthusiastic!  Exuberant!  You know each day the right person may walk through that door!  As the first month passes your diligence is waning.  Keeping the house clean, fresh smelling, and organized is a big job.  Let’s look at some ways to easily keep things from piling up, or the process of picking up after all the members of the family easy.


  1. Buy two large shower totes for each bathroom.  Store makeup and day-to-day essentials in these and store in the cabinet below the sink when you are done prepping in the morning.  This allows the counters to remain clean and uncluttered. The second tote should have some paper towels, a cleaning cloth and counter/sink cleaner along with Windex for the mirrors.  Check before you walk out of the bathroom if mirrors need a touch up, or that toothpaste needs removing from the sink.  
  2. Keep a hamper for dirty clothes (where ever you normally remove them) or get in the habit of taking said clothes to laundry the moment you remove them.  Nothing adds to a messy look like a pile of dirty clothes laying in a floor.  Just-don’t-do-it.  
  3. Buy a large shower tote for your kitchen.  Place quick cleaning supplies in it and keep it under the kitchen cabinets.  Before walking out in the morning, quickly put all dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the cabinets.  
  4. Use convenience items.  This includes Swifters, swifter dusters, hand held vacuums, and small broom and dustpan sets.  If there is a cereal debacle in the morning, just use the hand held vac.  Keep it handy, perhaps in the pantry.  
  5. Every Sunday:  Wipe down refrigerator, and detail clean bathrooms.  I recommend after the children are in bed.  If you are maintaining baths during the week, this should be a quick 20 minutes.  Have fresh linens ready for the week.  Vacuum all rugs and carpets.  Swifter dusters are great for blinds and window seals.  


Selling your home, and keeping it clean, does not have to be a nightmare.  Set yourself up for success with these easy tips.  



Rene Guin-Salazar is a Realtor/Team Leader Extraordinaire at Keller Williams Market Pro Realty in Fayetteville AR and

Bentonville AR. Loving and Living Real Estate in Northwest Arkansas, home to Wal-Mart, JB Hunt, and Tyson home offices.

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