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Things to consider before hiring a housecleaning company

Many people’s concerns about hiring a housecleaning company is whether they can trust the individuals that are going inside their home, often times without their presence. Doing so, requires a great degree of trust between the individuals and their cleaning company. To help you in this process of determining the right cleaning company for you we have constructed a guideline that anyone should follow in helping you evaluate potential housecleaning candidates. One of the most important factors for any professional service company is whether they return phone calls in a timely manner. The right housecleaning company will return calls promptly whether it is for a customer requesting to schedule an appointment, requesting information, or a complaint. Secondly, does the housecleaning company provide a consistent level of service? This is an extremely important part and a professional cleaning company would utilize a thorough checklist in order to ensure that their cleaning technicians are not missing anything during a home cleaning and providing the customer with a peace of mind. Does the housecleaning company offer a satisfaction guarantee? If a customer is not satisfied with their home cleaning it is very important to know that the company will offer a solution in order to make it right for them. Is the company insured, licensed and bonded? This is an extremely important part of housecleaning companies, in the event that something is lost or damaged during a home cleaning. It creates a peace of mind for the customer knowing that, in the event of damage, their item would be replaced. This is one of the most significant reasons that individuals should carefully evaluate before hiring an individual house cleaner versus hiring a housecleaning company. Does the company conduct background screenings and drug tests? A reputable company will have a very stringent evaluation during their hiring process in order to bring on only the best employees. Will the company provide you with an estimate in writing? Having a written estimate or quote allows you to know exactly what is provided in your home cleaning and eliminates any confusion or misleading fees on your bill. Does the company provide their own cleaning supplies? Just as you would not take your vehicle to a mechanic and the company ask to borrow any supplies, the same policies apply to a housecleaning company. Are they certified by the ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) and do they have a seal of approval for the Better Business Bureau? This certification along with the BBB’s seal of approval let’s you know that you are working with a reputable company. Clean Conscience is a housecleaning company that can attest to all of the above. We work hard to build people’s trust, provide consistent levels of service, provides a satisfaction guarantee, is insured,licensed and bonded, conducts rigid pre-employment screenings, provides written estimates, provides our own cleaning supplies that are all-natural, and we are certified by the ARCSI and we hold a gold seal of approval from the BBB. We offer a variety of home/office cleaning services and whether you are looking for repeat service or a one-time cleaning, give Clean Conscience a call today!