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And, The Worst Cleaning Products for Your Home Are……..

blog-toxicMost people now realize that many traditional cleaners come with a bit of a risk do to certain chemicals they may contain. Despite this knowledge, many people continue to purchase some of these cleaners, maybe thinking that perhaps they aren’t as bad as people say. I personally try to use only natural or “green” cleaning supplies in my home, but I understand that some people prefer traditional cleaners for certain jobs. However, if you are using any of the products on this list to clean your home, you may want to reconsider.

The Environmental Working Group, or EWG, is a non-profit who focuses on public health and the environment. The EWG, put together a list of some of the most harmful cleaning products you can use in your home. Below is a few of the products on that list which you should avoid, along with a brief description of some the dangers of these products.

1. “2000 Flushes” and ” X-14″ toilet cleaners- These chlorine cleaning discs can be harmful if they come in contact with your hands or face, and can be fatal if swallowed.

2. “Glade” and “Air Wick” air fresheners- Both of these air fresheners can be extremely harmful, or even fatal, if inhaled improperly.

3. “Ajax, Fab Ultra, Dynamo” liquid laundry detergents- All of these detergents contain formaldehyde, which can cause allergies and even asthma.

4.”Tarn-X” tarnish remover- This product contains the chemical thiourea. Prolonged or repeated exposure to this chemical may cause reproductive or fetal effects.

5. “Spic And Span” surface cleaner- This multi purpose cleaner contains nonylphenol ethoxylate, which can disrupt the hormone system and is harmful to aquatic life and the environment. In fact, products which contain this chemical are not allowed to be sold in the European Union.

6. “Scrubbing Bubbles” bathroom cleaner- If you thought the little smiling cleaning bubbles were cute, think again. This product contains a high percentage of DEGBE, which can cause irritation and inflammation of the lungs.

These are just a few examples of how potentially dangerous some of these chemically-laden traditional cleaners can be.


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