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Get Your Home In Summer Shape

The summer is just about officially here, and for many people, summer has already begun. For those of us who actually have to endure real winter weather, summertime is like a blessing. But, before the summer fun begins, you should get your home into summer shape. Just like preparing your home for a long cold winter, there are also some things that should be done to prepare your home for the hot summer months. In this article from the good people at Enviro Maids, they discuss several areas of your home you should focus on to make sure that it is summer ready.

Get Your House Summer Ready

Screen Time

After the typically long Connecticut winter we recently experienced, opening up our windows and feeling the warm air is a luxurious treat. If your screens have tears or holes, however, little visitors — mosquitoes, flies, and other insects — will pay your home an unwelcome visit. Holes larger than half an inch should be patched. Home improvement stores sell replacement screening. Also check along the edges to make sure the screens haven’t separated from the frame. Don’t forget to clean your screens to remove dust and cobwebs that’re like magnets to screens.

Gussied-up Guest Rooms

Besides the holidays, summer is a popular time for family and friends to pay you a visit. Make sure your guest room is ready to welcome your overnight guests. Clean sheets and blankets are a must as is dusting and vacuuming any embarrassing dust bunnies. Don’t forget to clean “hidden” areas, such as the top of dressers and ceiling fan blades. Clear out a drawer or two and make some room in the closet for guests to store their belongings. Don’t forget to add extra hangers!

Fan Fare

Your fans throughout your house — from table fans to ceiling fans — will be getting plenty of use during the next few months. Make sure to clean the blades of ceiling fans as well as the blades and the grill of portable units. Clean fans mean you get refreshing circulating air without the unpleasant blast of dust and dirt floating throughout your home. Wipe the blades of a portable fan with a damp cloth (unplug the fan first for safety). If possible, unclip the front grill for easier access to the tight spaces. A popular tried-and-true method for cleaning ceiling fans requires the assistance of an old pillowcase. Slide each fan blade into the pillowcase and wipe each blade clean. The dirt stays contained inside the pillowcase rather than flying all around. For blades with extra gunk, lightly spray each blade with a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and follow by wiping each blade with the pillowcase.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Is Up To the Task

If you rely on your central air conditioning to help you stay cool during the summer, you’ll want to be sure it’s functioning properly and efficiently. Before you start cranking the unit, suggests doing the following:

  • Change disposable filters or clean non-disposable filters once a month
  • Make sure the outdoor unit (condenser) is clear of debris
  • Hire a professional once a year to clean indoor ductwork, check fan belts on outdoor unit, and make sure everything is working safely, properly, and efficiently.

Time to Fire Up the Grill

From the scent of sunscreen to bug spray, there are certain scents that are unique to summer. One of our favorite scents is the aroma of food grilling on a barbecue. Before you grill your favorite meats and veggies, give your barbecue a good cleaning. offers these tips to get your grill gleaming:

  • Shutoff and disconnect the gas supply
  • Remove the grills so you can get to the inside of the fire box and drip pan (that’s the bottom of the inside of your grill where all the grease and food particles gather). Gently scrape the bottom to remove stuck-on food and grease.
  • Reconnect the gas supply
  • To clean the grill grates, turn the barbecue on high and close the lid. Let the grease and dried food burn for about 10-15 minutes. Turn the barbecue off and brush the grates with a stainless steel grill brush to remove any remaining grime.