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Time to Call the Pros

I think it is safe to say that most people take pride in having a clean home, and many of them take care of the cleaning themselves. In fact, some people actually enjoy cleaning……not this guy, but some. If you’ve got the time, the will, and a broom, you can tackle several chores in a few hours. However, there are some tasks that may be better left to the professionals. In this article from Enviro Maids, they list several chores that you may want to call in the pros for.

Leave These Chores to the Pros


Windows always make the list of spring cleaning chores. Depending on the number of windows you have and how dirty they are, cleaning your windows yourself can be a drawn out process. In addition to it being an entire day (or weekend) process, if you have hard to reach windows or a tall house, climbing a ladder to access the windows can be dangerous. The professionals have the proper equipment to reach high windows and are trained on how to properly clean the glass, window panes, screens, and every nook and cranny.


According to The Carpet and Rug Institute, having your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months helps to maintain the beauty and extends the duration of your carpet. Vacuuming alone isn’t enough to grab all the embedded dirt, food particles, and dust that collect in your carpet over time. While many carpet cleaning machines are available for homeowners to purchase or to rent, doing it yourself isn’t that easy, takes a long time, and the results usually aren’t as favorable as a professional cleaner’s results.


Upholstery definitely can take a beating and show its wear-and-tear faster than other areas of your home, especially if you have children and pets. Calling in the professionals to clean your upholstered sofas and chairs is a wise investment. Doing it yourself may be cheaper, but you run the risk of damaging your upholstery if you use the wrong cleaning solution or scrub too hard. Trying to clean upholstery yourself can actually make things worse; you’ve got the dirt out, but now you have water stains! The professionals have the know-how and the proper equipment to safely and effectively clean your upholstery.


Drapes make our list of the top things in your home you neglect to clean. While it’s recommended to regularly vacuum your drapes, many people forget or just don’t have the time. If your drapes are looking dingy it’s likely due to the dust, pet hair, pollen, and smoke that collects and clings to the fabric. By having them professionally cleaned, your drapes will look great and they’ll enhance the overall look of your room.


While you can remove the black film of soot from your fireplace doors and clean the façade of your fireplace brick or stone yourself, having your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned is a must. The professional will sweep your chimney and remove any creosote buildup or bird’s nests that can cause a chimney fire. The professional will also check for any structural problems. It’s suggested you have your chimney professionally inspected and clean once a year.


A clogged gutter can cause many headaches for homeowners. Gutters that are filled with leaves, twigs, and other debris don’t do their job of directing rain away from the house. A professional will remove any blockages and make sure the gutters and downspouts direct water away from the house. They will also look for signs of bending or damage. If you frequently have problems with clogged gutters, consider having gutter guards installed to prevent future blockages caused by leaves and debris.