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Switching from Indoors, to Outdoors

By this time in May, most people have already tackled those daunting spring cleaning jobs inside their home. However, spring cleaning may not quite be over, don’t forget about cleaning your outdoor spaces as well. Over the Autumn and Winter months, chances are pretty good the outside of your home took a bit of a beating, now is the time to clean things up. In this article from Enviro Maids, they focus on several areas of your outdoor space that most likely would need to be addressed.

Spring Clean Your Outdoor Space

Perfect Porch

Your front entryway should be welcoming and inviting. Go outside and take a good look at your entryway. Pretend you’re a guest at your door. Look up and down and all around for any eyesores. As guests wait for you to answer the door, they’re looking around and yes, they’re noticing the cobwebs, clutter, and dirty walkway. Remove cobwebs, sweep the entryway, remove toys, shoes, or any other clutter that’s blocking the area. Remove light fixtures and clean out any bugs; wash the glass with dish soap and water.

Dapper Front Door

After a long Connecticut winter, your front door probably could use a good scrubbing. Remove traces of the dirt and grime left behind by the winter elements by washing your front door. All you need is warm water, a bucket, a rag, and mild soap. Wipe the door with the soapy water and rinse; dry with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t forget to clean the doorbell and wipe the threshold, too.

Gleaming Garage Door

Another door that needs some attention is your garage door. A hose, bucket, mild dish soap, sponge, and some elbow grease are all the tools you’ll need. Wet the door with a hose and dip your sponge in a bucket filled with soapy water; clean using a circular motion and rinse. You can even recruit your kids to help you out with this chore.

De-gunked Gutters

Twigs and leaves hanging from your gutters don’t do much for your home’s curb appeal and clogged gutters means a bigger problem — water can’t drain properly away from your house. While you’re cleaning dirt and debris from your gutters, check for leaks and make sure everything is connected properly.

Tip: recommends using decomposed leaves you collect as compost for your garden.

Pristine Patio Furniture

Now that the warm weather has arrived, you’ll be doing a lot of your entertaining outdoors. Before you offer your guests a place to sit, make sure your patio furniture is presentable and ready for use. If your furniture has cushions, remove them and vacuum up any dirt, debris, or pet hair; be sure to vacuum the bottom of your furniture and get into all the cracks and crevices. If your cushions have removable fabric covers, launder them according to the label instructions. If you can’t remove the covers, give them a good shaking to rid them of dust, dirt, and pollen. You can also use the handle of a broom to “beat” the dirt out. To remove stuck on grime from tables and chairs, you’ll need some warm water and about ½ teaspoon mild dish soap. Dampen a rag or sponge with the soap-and-water solution and wipe the legs, arms and front and back of furniture. Dampen another clean rag with clean water to wipe any remaining soap residue.

Wicked Weeds

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a “green thumb” to get your yard looking good. Spending some time pulling out weeds and dead foliage in flower beds and raking any left-over fallen leaves can make a big difference. Once your flower beds are free of weeds and dead foliage, plant some in-season annuals for pops of color. According to, another easy way to up your curb appeal is to add mulch to your flower beds for a neat and finished look.