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Most Forgotten Places to Clean

blog-forgotten2When it comes to cleaning our homes, I’m sure we all think that we have every inch of the place covered. We sweep the floors, vacuum the rugs, wash out the sinks, scrub the toilet, wipe down counters and even clean out the refrigerator. While it may seem like we have covered everything, there are still a few places that may often be overlooked. This list from I Dream Of Clean, reminds us of the ten places most people forget to clean. Some of the areas are easy to forget because, “out of sight, out of mind”. However, others are right under our noses and used regularly, perhaps we just don’t even think to clean them.

Ten Places Most People Forget to Clean

Since running across the mess under my stove, I’ve been pondering the places we often forget when cleaning. Here’s a list of the top ten places most people forget to clean:

  1. Under the Stove – Although, based on the comments on that post, there are a LOT of you who do clean under the stove on a regular basis. I’m impressed!
  2. Dishwasher – Cleaning the dishwasher is actually quite easy but few take the time to do it on a regular basis.
  3. Behind furniture placed along the wall – Have you checked out those dust bunnies lately?
  4. Closets – Closets can get quite dirty! Make sure to vacuum them often and wipe down the baseboards at least once a year (maybe during Spring Cleaning).
  5. Remote Control – This is one of the germiest places in your home. Just think about how often unwashed hands have touched yours.
  6. Cell Phone – Think about the remote control times one million!
  7. Door Knobs – Pretty much self explanatory.
  8. Toilet Handle – Cleaning the inside of the toilet is a must do, but don’t forget the outside of the commode and especially the handle!
  9. Under the Refrigerator – There’s a good chance you clean under the refrigerator every once in a while, but it is still an area that is overlooked by many.
  10. Pillows – Yes, you can wash pillows!