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Make Spring Cleaning Easier, Avoid These Mistakes

There is really no way around it, spring cleaning can be tough. After the long winter, things just seem to pile up. If you happen to be tackling this job yourself, you may actually be making the task at hand harder by making some simple mistakes. In this article from Enviro Maids, they have compiled a list of 7 mistakes you should avoid, to make your job a little bit easier. And remember, if you are in the Boulder or Denver area, you can avoid the hassle of spring cleaning yourself  by setting up an appointment with Clean Conscience today!

Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

blog-spring cleaning2While you eagerly await the arrival of spring, one thing you may not be eagerly anticipating is tackling your spring cleaning list. You long for a shiny, spotless house, but thinking about all you have to do in order to get your home in pristine condition, is leaving you unmotivated. Rather than giving you tips on how to spring clean your house, we’ll clue you in on common spring cleaning mistakes that are slowing you down. We hope our tips will help you get through your to-do list a bit faster so you can get out and enjoy the warm air.

Mistake #1: not having a battle plan

You make a list before you go grocery shopping and make a household schedule for appointments and events you need to attend, so why not make a list and schedule for your spring cleaning? It’s best to have a clear plan of attack before you grab your cleaning supplies. Decide the order you’ll clean each room and what needs to get done in each room. Don’t stress about getting everything done at once. This leads us to mistake #2…

Mistake #2: trying to get everything done in one day

Spring cleaning has a negative connotation for some people because they associate spring cleaning with having to get a lot of cleaning done in a short amount of time. Trying to get your entire house clean in one day or even one weekend is a recipe for disaster. Depending on the size of your house, break down your chores over the course of several weekends. Limit the amount you clean each day to prevent burnout and to make sure you give yourself enough time to clean each area properly.

Mistake #3: tackling it alone

Two hands are better than one, and we say, the more hands the better! Enlist the help of family members to help you clean. Delegate tasks to your children according to their age and capability; Younger children can help put their toys away, while older children can help vacuum and dust.

Mistake #4: Not having enough cleaning supplies

Nothing will slow you down faster than realizing midway through cleaning that you’re almost out of cleaning supplies and need to go buy more. Avoid having to stop your cleaning momentum by taking an inventory of your cleaning supplies before you start cleaning. Once you have all your cleaning supplies, place them in a bucket or a basket with a handle for easy carrying between rooms.

Mistake #5: using the wrong cleaning equipment

According to the pros at, using the wrong cleaning products can slow you down and make cleaning take longer than necessary. Four must-have products to have, include microfiber dust cloths, a steam mop, tools with extension wands, and a vacuum with attachments. Microfiber cloths work by grabbing dust, rather than just spreading it around like regular dust rags or feather dusters can. Steam mops clean and disinfect floors without the use of chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Water is heated to approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit to produce a germ-killing steam. Extension wands are great for hard-to-reach areas, while vacuum attachments help to get into tight spaces.

Mistake #6: Not letting cleaning products do their job

In an effort to get your cleaning done faster, you might be making the mistake of spraying a surface with cleaner and scrubbing right away. Follow the directions on labels carefully. Many cleaners, especially bathroom cleaners, suggest spraying an area and waiting a set amount of time before wiping or rinsing to help loosen dirt. Following directions saves you extra scrubbing time.

Mistake #7: Cleaning with a dirty cloth

To avoid streaks on surfaces, avoid using the same dirty cloth. Keep extra cloths nearby and switch them, especially when you see they’re getting grimy. When using a dry microfiber cloth, remember to shake it out periodically over a garbage can or outdoors to remove trapped dirt.