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Hide the Clutter

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, perhaps the hardest thing to do is keep the clutter to a minimum. Even if you dust, sweep, vacuum, scrub, disinfect, etc….clutter can still make your home appear to be a messy home. So, how can you solve the problem of “too much stuff, too little space”? Well, you can donate things, put some things in storage, or you can hide the clutter. This article from Enviro Maids, gives you a few clever tips on how to hide the clutter in your home.

Clever Ways to Hide Clutter

blog-clutterAs much as you try to keep your home free of clutter, sometimes life’s busy schedule makes it difficult to keep up with the piles of paperwork, toys, magazines, and other “stuff” that take over your home. Clutter usually goes unnoticed until guests announce their arrival and you need to get rid of the clutter fast. Here are some clever ways to get your home ready, so the next time guest will be paying you a visit you’ll know how to hide your clutter fast.

A Tisket, a Tasket…

Follow the advice of the old nursery rhyme: “a tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket,” to corral your wayward clutter. Baskets and storage bins are a great alternative to shoving everything under the couches or tossing things in the closet. Shop for baskets or storage bins in the same color to hide odds and ends — from your remote controls to toys. Baskets can be stacked in areas throughout your home such as under a coffee table, in your bathroom, or even in an unused fireplace. The pros at Better Homes and Gardens suggest displaying multiple, matching baskets together to not only offer tons of storage space, but to add a decorative touch as well. Decorative boxes are another chic storage option. Store a few boxes in patterns that complement your décor on a table in the foyer to store keys and mail.

Curtain Call

If your living room doubles as your home office, you may want to hide your office equipment and paperwork before guests arrive. suggests hiding your workspace with a curtain to easily and decoratively conceal your work area. Not handy with a needle and thread? How about covering your desk with a pretty tablecloth or fabric (use one that’s long enough to cover the legs or open areas) and storing stacks of papers and computer equipment hidden under your desk and out of sight? Another great no-sew option, is to section off your work area with a decorative screen. A decorative screen can transform your messy desk area into a decorative focal point in seconds.

Hide it Down Under

If you have a sofa with a skirt around the bottom (the part that covers the legs), use this space to store a shallow bin or box to house extra items.

Sink Skirt

Guests will most likely use your bathroom, so getting rid of bathroom clutter is a must. Finding a place to hide clutter in a small bathroom, especially one with a pedestal sink that offers no under-sink storage, can pose a problem. For small bathrooms with limited space, suggests adding a skirt around a pedestal sink. Store cleaning supplies, hair appliances, or skin and beauty products hidden behind the skirt. If you’re not handy with a sewing machine, there are many no-sew tutorials available online. Many tutorials use fabric glue and Velcro and take one afternoon to complete.

Dual-purpose Furniture

When buying furniture, consider purchasing dual-purpose pieces. Benches, ottomans, and side tables are excellent when it comes to multitasking. Ottomans and benches come in endless colors, patterns, and styles that offer a solution to your seating and storage needs. Use the storage area inside an ottoman to hide extra blankets, electronics, remote controls, books, and magazines. Your foyer or mudroom is the ideal place for a storage bench. Toss items that usually take up space in your entryway — shoes, coats, and backpacks inside the bench. You’ll not only hide unsightly clutter, you’ll also free-up space for guests to hang their coats and place their belongings.

Cabinet and Closet Doors

Use the backs of doors and cupboards for bonus storage space. Hooks and over-the-door organizers make convenient spots for loose items that never seem to have a home.