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Is Your Medicine Cabinet Green?

As people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of green cleaning products, reusable products, and just the overall protection of the environment, there may be one place we haven’t looked…….the medicine cabinet. As it turns out, some of the products in that medicine cabinet may in fact be harmful to the environment as well as yourself. To be honest, I never really even thought about it until I saw this little piece from our friends at Seventh Generation.

What’s Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Chances are you’re very careful about the products you use to clean your home. You know all about VOCs and phosphates and a host of other ingredients. But when was the last time you inventoried the contents of your medicine cabinet?

We challenged our own employees to take a hard look at some of the personal care products they use every day.  With the help of the SkinDeep and GoodGuide sites they were able to look up ingredients and ratings and encouraged to swap out anything of concern for a similar item with a better rating.

It wasn’t long before our “Stuff that used to be in my medicine cabinet” box began to fill with everything from lipstick to body lotion with a tag attached explaining why the product was switched and which alternative product that was chosen.

You can take the challenge yourself! Just identify the 4 or 5 products you use most and look them up on SkinDeep or GoodGuide to see what the overall rating, and the ingredients are. Looking at the ingredients in detail sometimes involves scrolling down to the bottom of the page. If you’re concerned with any of the results you find, whenever possible change the products out for more alternatives with a better rating that you feel are healthier for you.

Enjoy your new products and let us know what you discovered.