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A Clean Home Is Good for Mind and Body

blog-mind and bodyI think just about everyone would agree that having a clean home is important. Maintaining a clean home has many benefits, such as; making your home look nicer, making it easier to stay organized, and it even has some mental and physical health benefits as well. Here are a few examples of how important having a clean home can be.

“Staying Healthy”- They say that, “the best offense is a good defense”, and that’s definitely the case when trying to keep from getting sick. Dirt, dust, and mold in your home can cause you and your family to get sick. By regularly dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, and keeping moist areas of your home as clean and dry as possible, you’re already playing great “D”.

“Keeping Organized”- Lets face it, everybody can be a little absent-minded at times (I know I can) and forget where they put their keys, or the remote, etc.. Eventually, whatever was missing is usually found and everything is fine. However, in a cluttered home, something like some missing keys can turn into a real treasure hunt. By keeping a clean, organized, clutter free-home, it’ll be easier to find what your looking for.

“Be Prepared for Surprise Guests”- Speaking from experience, nothing is quite as embarrassing as having a friend, neighbor, or family member stop by unexpectedly when your place is a mess. By keeping up with cleaning your home, you can avoid this awkward situation.

“Get a Little Exercise”- Cleaning your home can also be a way to stay physically active. Sweeping, dusting, scrubbing the floors, are all mini workouts. While cleaning may not be the same as lifting weights or running on the treadmill, it’s still a physical activity, which is always good for your body and your mind.

“Stress/Depression”- Living in a dirty or cluttered home can actually cause stress and even depression. So, besides all of the reasons listed above, perhaps the best reason to keep a clean home is to be happier and less stressed. There are plenty of things that can make people stressed and depressed, home shouldn’t be one of them.