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Make Your Holiday Less Stressful

The holiday season is the best and, sometimes, worst time of year. It’s the best because you get time together with your loved ones, and a little time off from work doesn’t hurt either. The other side of the holiday season, however, is filled with the stresses that can come with gift shopping, holiday cards, and holiday parties. By keeping things organized during this crazy time of year, you can help cut back on some of the stress which can come with the holiday season. Here are a few tips from Enviro Maids, on how to stay organized and less stressed this year.

How to stay organized during the busy holiday season

How to stay organized during the busy holiday season, December 2013Each year the holidays seem to sneak up faster than the year before. You’d like to relax and enjoy the season, but it’s hard to do when you’re inundated with lots of tasks and little time to get it all done. To help keep you on track this busy holiday season, we’ll share tips on how to get organized and stress less with help from and

Holiday Allies

Your calendar and checklists will be your best allies this holiday. How do you get everything you need to get done without feeling frazzled? Start by jotting down everything you hope to get done during the season. Include everything from cutting down a tree, to hosting a cookie exchange, sending cards, making your own gifts, parties to attend, and everything in between. Once your list is complete, edit it down by prioritizing items from things that must get done to things that are not as important. Once your list has been narrowed down (be realistic) mark each occurrence on your calendar. Stick to the dates as you would any other appointment — bake on the 10th, shop for the holiday party on the 11th, etc.


Now that your calendar is filled, your next step is to create or download checklists for each task or event. For example, you can have a gift giving checklist, a card sending checklist, a baking checklist, etc. Each list will help you stay on track to help get things done more efficiently. A gift giving checklist, for example, should have separate columns — name of recipient, budget, gift idea, store where to purchase gift, etc. This list will help you stay on budget and let you monitor who you still need to buy for.

Gift giving

Gift giving can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. There are many things to contend with: deciding who to buy for, figuring out what to buy someone who has everything, sticking to a budget, the list goes on and on. Put the joy back into giving a gift by trying these suggestions:

  • For large families consider drawing names or buying just for the children.
  • Set a price limit so everyone spends the same amount.
  • Pick an annual gift theme — buy everyone on your list useful gadgets, personalized baskets, restaurant gift cards, or seasonal gear.


Everyone likes to receive holiday cards, but carving out time to write you own can be a little challenging. Some shortcuts to card writing include:

  • Handwritten notes have a special personalized touch, but when crunched for time purchasing custom printed cards online is a huge timesaver.
  • If you decide to hand write your cards and envelopes, make the process go a little faster by enlisting the help of your children. Older children can stuff, seal and stamp each envelope.
  • To avoid writer’s cramp, create address labels on your computer. Once all your addresses are saved, the process will go by faster next year. Other tips:
  • Take the pressure off yourself when party hosting — have everyone bring an appetizer or dessert to your holiday party or holiday dinner.
  • Shop online to avoid crowds and lines
  • If you do venture out to shop, shop early in morning or later in the evening when stores aren’t as chaotic.