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Tips On Making Homemade Autumn Scents

BLOG-AUTUMNAutumn just happens to be my favorite time of year. Everything about it, from the much needed drop in temperature after a long hot summer, to the changing of the leaves and the start of the holiday season. Of all of the things I love about this time of year, the thing I love most is the smell. The scents of Autumn remind of being a kid, playing football with my friends, drinking apple cider, and my mom’s baking. For some tips on how to fill your home with the smell of the season, check out this article from eHow, on how to create your own homemade Autumn scents.

Homemade Autumn Spice Fragrances

As the leaves change color and the temperature begins to drop, the arrival of autumn is signaled by the fragrances of the season. The warm, rich fragrances of autumn remind us of our mom’s cooking or playing in the giant leaf pile as a kid. Capture these scents with homemade autumn spices using items from around your house. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on scented candles, oils and potpourri, when you can make your own for a couple of dollars.


  • Make autumn spiced potpourri to place around your home. Cut thin slices of apple and place in a single layer and bake at 150 degrees for 30 minutes to dry. Combine carnations in shades of pink and red, dried sweet woodruff leaves, grated nutmeg, julienned orange peel, whole cloves, a few cinnamon sticks and a few drops of cinnamon or vanilla scented oil. Determine the amount of ingredients to use based on the total amount of potpourri you want to make. Experiment with the mixture and store extra in a tightly sealed jar for use at a later time.

Scented Pine Cones

  • Prepare scented pine cones to place around your home. Gather 10-15 pine cones in various sizes. Arrange the pine cones in a single layer in a plastic grocery bag. Purchase or make your own pickling spice. Combine ¼-cup pickling spice, cinnamon powder and whole cloves. Mix well. Consider mixing with oils such as orange, balsam or cinnamon for extra fragrance. Use spray adhesive to coat the pine cones, but avoid breathing in the fumes. Spread the spice mixture over the pine cones, close the bag and gently shake to cover all the sides of the pine cones. Place the pine cones on newspaper to dry. Shake when dry to remove the extra spices which do not stick.

Baked Goods

  • Add autumn spice fragrances to your home with homemade goodies. Home baked goods can fill a house with the scent of fall and provide your family with some tasty treats. Simmer spiced tea or apple cider with cinnamon sticks on the stove for a warm treat on crisp autumn days. Keep the temperature on low and the house smells wonderful all day. Make a batch of apple butter in the crock-pot. Chop apples and add a few spices, allowing the mixture to simmer for the day. Other homemade treats to consider include gingerbread cookies, apple pie or pumpkin bread.



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