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Tips for Removing Stains from Your Sofa

If you have children, pets, or just happen to be a bit clumsy sometimes (like myself), chances are your sofa has had it’s share of stains. Everything from some spilled beverages while watching a game, dirt dragged in from the playground, or even pee from a pet or small child who had an accident, can cause your sofa to be stained or even ruined if it isn’t properly cleaned. Removing a stain can sometimes seem like an impossibility. When, in fact, it may be easier to do if you use the right cleaning method for the material. In this article from Modern Sensibility, are several different methods for efficiently removing a number of different stains from different style of sofas. So, the next time you get a stain, instead of flipping the cushion over to hide it, try out one of these natural solutions!


So, You’ve just spilled (insert here) on your sofa! With panic you get a wet cloth and start dabbing, blotting, rubbing your sofa and the stain is not going away! Even worse it looks like it’s getting bigger! What do you do now? Throw it away, cover it up and pretend it never happened? Live with the unbearable stain? Or you can learn how to remove that stain, naturally and effectively using these tips.
-Create a natural mixture using three tablespoons baking powder and one tablespoon club soda.
-Grab a towel/cloth and rub the mixture over the stain you should see the stain starting to come off. 
-let it sit for a little while (a minute or two)
– Then wet a cloth, drain the excess and wipe down the sofa
On a microfiber sofa which is said to be the easiest sofa to remove stains from.
-Grab some baby wipes and wipe the stained area until the stain start to loosen.
On a suede sofa using some denatured alcohol and letting it sit would be a good option. 
Tip: Just remember every sofa respond differently, so test a hidden area first before you do the whole sofa to prevent discoloration. 
-Yes, there is a difference between microfiber and micro-suede and they respond differently to treatment
– A cotton sofa can easily be cleaned by throwing them into the washing machine. That’s the plus side to this material. I would suggest not putting it in the dryer, but again every material is different use your discretion.
– If you don’t want to machine was you can also use dish washing or detergent and water. Make sure the water is not very soapy and wipe down your sofa to remove the stain. After you have done this grab a fresh cloth with warm water and re-wipe the area.
Oops, your furry friend just went pee all over your sofa. What now? Leave it to dry and pretend to company….and yourself that you’re not laying or sitting in pee? No, thank goodness, just a little vinegar and water gets this stain and smell out of your sofa. You can also sprinkle some baking soda on the spot to take care of the smell as well. Just be use to clean it up after.
Doing homework on your sofa, balancing the books, whatever it is… and the ink from your pen leaks onto your sofa. You think your sofa is ruined forever. We all think “Ink does not come out!” How do you get ink out?! Before you throw out your sofa, resent it, etc. use this natural stain remover tip.
TIP: Remember, never rub in an ink stain, it will only make it worse! Always blot.
-Step 1: Spray hairspray onto a towel and then blot the stain, redo this with a dry towel
-Step 2: Next, using a clean towel add isopropyl rubbing alcohol. BLOT the ink stain and then dry with a towel
-Step3: Then use a clean towel and apply nail polish remover to the stain(please test sofa area first)
Tips :
-Remove dirt/dust with a lint roller
-You can buy ink stain remover such as Carbona/Afta to clean the stain
– Vacuum furniture is also a good option to removing dust/dirt
-Scotch guarding your sofa is also another good option. This allows for easier cleaning


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