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Speed Clean Your Shower curtain

Nobody likes to have a dingy looking shower curtain. Having a nice clean shower curtain can make your bathroom look that much cleaner and nicer. Cleaning that shower curtain doesn’t have to be a major chore either. Here are a few tips from our friends at The Clean Team, on how to speed wash your shower curtain.

Speed Cleaning Your Shower Curtain


Need a good suggestion for speed-cleaning a shower curtain? We have a couple of good ones.


(1) Put the shower curtain in the washing machine. Throw in a couple of towels, and use warm water. Remove it before the spin cycle. (It won’t be hurt if it goes through the spin cycle; it will just be very wrinkled.) 


Warm the curtain only slightly in the dryer (don’t run the full cycle), and it will emerge close to wrinkle free. If you don’t put it in the dryer, wrinkles will slowly disappear after the curtain is rehung.

(2) Buy a beautiful cloth shower curtain of whatever design appeals to you. Line it with the cheapest plain white shower curtain you can find (about $6). If you trim the liner so that its hem falls about halfway between the top and the bottom of the tub, it will stay cleaner longer.


When the liner starts to look dirty (in about six months), recycle it and install a brand new, sparkling-clean liner. Twelve dollars a year seems a small price to pay to us, but if it doesn’t seem that way to you, just wash them as above. 


NOTE:  Use only a white shower liner (or shower curtain if you have no liner) because that is the color of most hard-water spots and soap scum. Clear is the most laborious choice by far.