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Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

BLOG-HALLOWEENWith Halloween just two weeks away, it’s time for both children and adult to start thinking about what they want to be this year. I always loved Halloween, and still do, it’s a blast trying to outdo your friends on who can come up with the most outrageous or ridiculous costume. I always try to go for laughs instead of screams when it comes to my Halloween costumes, but whether you’re out for laughs or out to scare, you don’t have to use products that are harmful to the environment or break the bank. Here’s an article from GreenYour, with some tips for eco-friendly and cost efficient Halloween costume ideas.

Dress up with an eco-friendly costume

Don’t give the earth a reason to scream. Finding or making your eco-friendly costume is not as scary as you might think.

Ideas for an eco-friendly costume

Warm up your wand and get ready to summon up some magical Halloween costumes, the green way:

  • Shazam! Costumes on the cheap: Go to a secondhand store, pick up some used clothing for an inexpensive version of Tarzan or Jane and you’ll prevent new resources from being used to create virgin apparel. When you’re done, simply re-donate the clothing so that someone else can use it next Halloween.
  • Pow! Transformational magic: There are many ways to create your own costume using items found around the house. While you can certainly sew your own (with or without a pattern) from eco-fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton, silk, or hemp, making one from closet-bound items is a great way to recycle, and low-cost, too! Look for supplies in the attic, your junk drawer, seasonal closets, the toolbox, or even kitchen cupboards.
    • Why not convert that old prom or bridesmaid dress into something more festive, like Tinkerbelle?
    • Stockings stuffed with socks make great spider or turtle legs
    • Grab a black cape and add a scarf, a tree branch (for a wand), and glasses to turn your 12 year old into Harry Potter
    • Use old clothing, some glue, or a bit of paint to create pirate, Iron Man, witch, or Batman costumes.
  • Poof! Recycling box to the rescue: Don’t forget that there are costumes-in-the-making in your recycle bin. Use boxes,cans, bottles, tissue paper, milk jugs, and plastic bags to make a fire truck, cotton candy, or a candy bar outfit. Don’t forget the masks!
  • Kawabunga, Dude! Costume rentals: Renting allows you to dress up in a a high-end costume without creating any new waste. And although renting from a local costume shop is better (in terms of transport emissions) than having something shipped from several states away, if there are no local rental stores near you, Costume Holiday House, Costumes Galore, Boston Costume, and Children’s Party Productions all offer nationwide delivery.

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