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Naturally Remove Grass Stains

BLOG-GRASSSTAINAutumn is the time of year when kids are participating in sports like soccer and football, both of which lead to grass stains galore. Even if your child isn’t playing an organized sport, there is a good chance that they will still manage to find a way to get some grass stains on their jeans while playing with friends. Not to worry, in this article from eHow, you are shown 2 different methods to naturally rid clothing of grass stains.

What Are Grass Stains


  • Regardless of how the grass stain came to be on a garment, it’s important to understand the makeup of a grass stain in order to remove it. A mixture of organic matter, proteins, grass juices and other pigment components form a grass stain. This combination adheres and binds with the natural fibers of the cloth. The grass stain binding with the natural fibers is what makes removing the stain frustrating and difficult.




  • White vinegar is a low-cost, effective method to removing grass stains in clothes. You can apply undiluted white vinegar directly to the stain and let it soak overnight. By morning, the grass stain should have lightened. Laundering the item as normal should remove the grass stain.
    An alternative is to make a solution of one part vinegar, one part rubbing alcohol and one part warm water. Pretreat the stain with this mixture, using a sponge to rub the mix into the stain. Allow the mixture to set on the stain for 10 or 15 minutes before laundering as usual. If the stain has not vanished after washing, repeat this method.


Rubbing Alcohol

  • Pretreat a grass stain with rubbing alcohol by first applying the rubbing alcohol directly on the stain and letting it dry. After the alcohol has dried, rinse the stain in cold water. Now work a little enzyme detergent into the stain, then rinse again with cold water. Allow the material to air dry before washing the garment in the normal manner.