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Organize Your Kids’ Closet

When it comes to getting your kids ready to head out to school, I bet one of the biggest issues in the morning is what they are going to wear. This problem can become easier if their closet is in order. Well, thanks to this article  from our friends at Housekeeping, you can get the kids’ closet organized before they go back to school.

20 Blogs with Tips for Organizing your Kids’ Closet before Sending Them Back to School

While it may seem like summer vacation just started, it’s already time to think about getting the kids ready to go back to school. One way to get your kids ready is by organizing their closets.  Organizing their closets will help you assess what your kids will be able to use going into the new school year and what needs to be replaced when you go back-to-school shopping. These 20 blogs will help you sort through clothes and figure out how to best organize everything.


The first step in any organization project is to assess what you have in the given area that you are working with. To begin tackling closet organization you’ll need to have your child try on all of his clothes; this will help you determine which items you are keeping and which should be donated or discarded. Take a look at these five blog posts to get more tips on sorting through the stuff in your child’s closet.

Define Spaces

All closets are different, so it’s a good idea to take measurements to determine what you have room for before you begin buying shelves and other organizational tools to put in the space. These six blog entries will give you plenty of ideas on how to define the space you have in your child’s closet.

Use Bins and Boxes         

Kids often have trouble folding things and keeping them tidy, so having boxes and bins for toy storage will allow your kids to help put things away without worrying about if it’s neatly in there or not. Check out these six blog articles for more tips on how you can use bins and boxes to organize your kids’ closets.

Label Everything

It can be difficult to remember what’s in each bin or box, especially when they’re above eye level or if you aren’t using clear containers. This is when labeling comes in handy.  Read through these six blog posts for tips on labeling items in the closet to help keep everything organized and accessible.