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Clean The House And Get In Shape

BLOG-EXERCISERecently, I began a new diet and exercise program, which has been about as much fun as I had anticipated…..not fun at all. Luckily, it seems to be working so I guess I shouldn’t complain. My mother also told me that she would like to lose a few pounds (not sure why, she’s tiny), and I know she wants to get some house cleaning done as well. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find time to clean and exercise. Which got me thinking, “What cleaning chores would give you the best workout?”. I decided to do a little research and came across this article from eHow. Now you can kill two birds with one stone, by getting rid of the mess and the fat while cleaning!

How to Get Fit Cleaning House

Turn up the music and dance while cleaning. No matter what chore you have next on your “to do list,” motivational music makes it more fun. Pick favorites that get your blood pumping and makes you want to dance. Don’t be modest; get every part of your body involved.

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    Wash windows vigorously and alternate arms. The stretching motion for the higher spots will make your arms and torso leaner. Do the movements repetitively for every window.

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    Vacuum faster. This is where a heavy vacuum comes in handy. Push and pull quickly to give yourself a workout. Try to keep your back straight and don’t hunch over. Do the same when mopping or sweeping. Work up a sweat.

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    Clean one room downstairs, then one room upstairs and alternate so that you are climbing the stairs more often. This is the best butt and thigh workout you’ll get while at home. Take the stairs two at a time for even better results.

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    Separate the laundry into smaller piles to work from. The more walking (or dancing) you have to do room to room the more exercise you’ll get.

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    Use groceries as weights when you’re putting them up to get fit. Do tricep extensions over and behind your head with the milk jug. Curl your canned vegetables 8 to 10 times before putting them away.

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    Move big furniture and clean underneath. The more times you scoot out the sofa, the more toned your arms will be.

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