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Tips For Maintaining A Clean Home

Everyone wants to have a clean home. Maintaining a clean home can sometimes mean a full day or even a weekend of cleaning to get everything done. Unfortunately, many people do not have the time to commit a full day or weekend to clean, (this is where a cleaning service comes in very handy). Luckily, there a few habits you can get into that can make maintaining a clean home a little easier. BLOG-SHOESOFF

1. “Remove Shoes”- Have your Family members take off their shoes before entering your home. This will help keep dirt and dust on your floor to a minimum.

2. “Washable Welcome Mats”- If you don’t want to have people remove their shoes before entering your home, have them wipe their feet on a washable rug or mat to help reduce the amount of dirt being brought in from outside.

3. “Clean Out Fridge”- Before you start to put away new groceries after shopping, toss out the old stuff that you aren’t going to eat or has gone bad.

4. “Don’t Let Mail Stack Up”- Instead of letting junk mail stack up, go through it as soon as you get home and recycle whatever junk mail you may have.

5. “A Quick Clean-up Before Bed”- By putting things away, getting the dishes done, etc., every night before you go to bed means you won’t have to worry about it the next day.

6. “One Task A Day”- If you take care of one cleaning task a day, and spread it out over the week, cleaning won’t seem like such a huge task as it would if you set aside a whole day/ weekend to do so.