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The Toughest Room To Clean

When it comes to cleaning your home every room can be a bit of a pain, but which room is the biggest pain of all? After doing a little research online and asking friends and family, the room that seems to give people the most trouble when it comes to cleaning is………….the kitchen! BLOG-KITCHEN

Although the bathroom and bedroom were a fairly close second and third, the kitchen appears to be the overwhelming choice for toughest room to clean. So, why is the kitchen so tough to clean? The obvious reason of course is that’s where you cook (and sometimes eat) your food. That means that when it comes time to clean your kitchen you must, clean off your stove top, clean out your oven, clean off any counter tops you may prepare food on or eat on, and clean all dishes and your sink.

Another reason the kitchen tops the list of tough rooms is, cleaning in and around the refrigerator is one of the most daunting cleaning tasks in the entire home. Cleaning out the fridge is a pain because it’s time consuming removing all of the items and then having to replace them. Cleaning on top and behind the fridge is tough because it is physically demanding.

Then of course there is the floor. The kitchen floor is one of the toughest to clean. With the inevitable spills of food and drink on the floor, the kitchen floor doesn’t just get swept or vacuumed, the kitchen floor gets scrubbed. Getting on your hands and knees to scrub a floor is demanding work, not only on your knees, but on any muscles used to get those stains out.

Those are a few examples of why the kitchen is the toughest room in the home to clean.