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The Green Cleaning Arsenal

BLOG-ARSENALWhen it comes to green cleaning, there are a few things everyone should have in their home to fight against the mess. Here is a little list of the 10 must have items in your green cleaning arsenal.

1. “White Vinegar”- There is almost nothing in your home you can’t clean with vinegar, or at least, some combination that includes vinegar. The best natural all-around cleaner.

2. “Baking Soda”- When combined with a little vinegar, baking soda can be used to clean mold and mildew off of grout, unclog a sink, and clean out toilet bowls.

3. “Lemons”- Lemons can be used as a bleach alternative for white linens. Just put some lemon juice on a stain and let dry in the sun. They are also great for polishing chrome.

4. “Hydrogen Peroxide”- Hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean windows, countertops and even walls. The only downside to hydrogen peroxide is that it needs to sit longer on a surface to clean it than vinegar does.

5. “Hot Water”- Yep, sometimes it’s that simple. When mixed with some of the items listed above, hot water can help get the job done.

6. “Spray bottles”- A lot of jobs around the house can be done by adding, “a little of this, a little of that”. Mixing and combining “this and that” in a spray bottle is the best bet.

7. “Rags”- Instead of using a ton of paper towels, an old shirt can do the job of wiping up a mess just as well. Plus, the rag can be washed and reused.

8. “Broom And Dustpan”- Instead of wasting electricity by using a vacuum cleaner in certain rooms, just break out the ol’ broom and dustpan instead.

9. ” Mop”- A natural cellulose or microfiber mop are good alternatives to the disposable mops.

10. “Newspaper”- If you’ve got some windows to clean but you already used all of your rags for other jobs, just grab a boring section of the newspaper and use that to wipe off your windows. It actually works well.

Well, there you have it, the 10 must have’s for a DIY green cleaning.

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