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Spring Cleaning

BLOG-SPRINGCLEANINGAs of Wednesday it is officially Spring. There are so many things to look forward to in Spring; flowers and trees blooming, longer, warmer days, the start of baseball season, etc…There is one thing about Spring that isn’t all that great…….Spring Cleaning! Cleaning up the clutter and mess that has been building up all winter can be pretty overwhelming. Here is a little list of the 5 most daunting Spring Cleaning tasks.

1. “Windows And Blinds”- Windows are often neglected because of the amount of effort needed to clean them, while blinds are dust traps.

2. “Grout”- Like window cleaning, scrubbing grout is a lot of work. Cleaning grout involves a lot of scrubbing which can take a toll on your arms.

3. “Stove”- If you don’t happen to clean out your stove on a regular basis, you may be shocked to see what kind of mess and smell has accumulated over time.

4. “Ceiling Fans”- if you happen to have ceiling fans in your home and aren’t 7 feet tall, cleaning them may be a bit of a pain (especially in your neck and back).

5. “Fridge”- Cleaning the fridge may the biggest pain of them all. It all starts with cleaning out the inside of the fridge, which means completely emptying it. After everything is clean and all of the food has been replaced, it’s time to clean the outside of the fridge and behind it. This of course means moving the fridge which can be very difficult.

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