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Pet-Friendly Green Cleaning Products

After reading an article from ABC news on how some “green” cleaners that are safe for humans may still be harmful to pets , I decided to check out what green cleaning products were the best bet for your pet. In this article from ShopGala, they list some of the best green cleaners when it comes to your pets safety. If you use homemade green cleaners to clean your home, just make sure you research how certain ingredients may affect the animals in your home.BLOG-PETS

 Top Baby-Safe, Pet-Friendly “Green” Cleaning Products

With both a small dog and a new baby in the house, how I clean that house has become an important matter.  Is it safe to use bleach or ammonia?  Are Swiffers really pet friendly?  Can the laundry detergent irritate my daughter’s skin?  Keeping things clean is an area of concern if you’re confused about what’s safe and what could be harmful.


For the most part, organic cleaning products are a safe bet.  Most products labeled as “green,” are cutting out the harmful ingredients that can cause reactions in babies and pets.  A few brand names are front-runners in this category, with extensive lines of products that really work and affordable price points…


Green Works


Created by Clorox, a long-time leader in cleaning products, the Green Works line is powerful and naturally-derived.  No, the two concepts are not mutually exclusive.  Green Works products use “plant-based, biodegradable ingredients to help you clean your home without harsh chemical fumes and residue,” according to their website.  Both the Sierra Club and the EPA have shown support for Clorox’s green products, and they are certified under the Natural Standard for Home Care Products organization.  Even the packaging is biodegradable, so Green Works protects your kids, your pets, and your environment.


The line includes: All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Glass & Surface Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Dishwashing Liquid, Cleaning Wipes, Laundry Stain Remover, and three varieties of Laundry Detergent.


Seventh Generation


The extensive product line offered by Seventh Generation spans your kitchen, bathroom, and baby’s nursery, and everything in between.  You can select disinfectants, household cleaners, paper and supplies, dishwashing, hand wash, laundry, baby, and even feminine care to get earth-friendly products that are pet and baby safe as well.  I was particularly interested in Seventh Generation’s baby products, which include chlorine-free baby wipes, diapers and training pants, as well as regular and 2x Concentrated Baby Laundry Liquid.  I was not aware that other brands might contain chlorine… so this was news to me.


In terms of household cleaners, the line includes all-purpose, multi-surface, tub and tile, toilet bowl, glass, and shower cleaners.  Seventh Generation’s mission to restore the environment and inspire conscious consumption is evident from their product line, biodegradable packaging, and earth-safe ingredients.


Simple Green


Another great brand with diverse product offerings, Simple Green goes beyond household products to also carry industrial cleaners.  This company supplies products to the GSA and Government, as well as to environmentally-conscious consumers in Canada.  Simple Green’s products are “non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive” but still guarantee a clean home, office, or industrial area.  Simple Green’s product line includes all the basics, plus pet stain cleaners, deck and fence cleaners, house and siding cleaners, stone polish, motorsports cleaner, concrete and driveway cleaner, heavy duty cleaner, hand gel, car wash, and all-purpose wipes.  Clean inside and out with these specially targeted products. Most importantly, however, pets and babies will be safe no matter what you’re cleaning.  Even Simple Green’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover are okay to use around your pets.


Obviously, all cleaning products should be treated with care and properly stored, even if they’re labeled ‘organic.’  Always keep products out of reach, locked in child-safe cabinets if possible.

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