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Have A Green Easter

This year, you can have a great Easter and do a little something to help the environment by having a “Green Easter”. Going green for Easter is actually quite simple. All you need are a few items you can find in your home or in your yard and a little bit of time and creativity. Here are a few tips on how to have a Green Easter. BLOG-EASTER

“The Basket”- Instead of buying a new Easter basket, use a basket already in your home. If you don’t happen to have any available baskets at home and need to purchase one, be sure to save it for future Easters.

“Nix the Plastic Grass”- The plastic grass that comes in Easter baskets is made from petroleum which can be harmful to the environment. Instead of lining your Easter basket with plastic grass, you can use shredded paper, which can be recycled or composted. If you aren’t allergic and have access, hay can also be used to line the basket.

“Naturally Dye Easter Eggs”- As an alternative to buying chemical dye packages this year, try these natural homemade dyes:

Red- Raspberries, beets, paprika       Yellow- Lemon peels, onion skins

Purple- Red cabbage, red wine           Blue- Blueberries               Brown- Coffee

Green- Spinach

“Forget the Easter Cards”- Lets face it, getting an Easter card is nice but how long does anyone actually hang on to it. This year save yourself some money and also save a tree by ditching the cards and replacing them with a simple phone call to say “Happy Easter!”

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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