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Green Alternatives For Paper Towels

BLOG-PAPERTOWELSPaper towels are incredibly useful when it comes to many jobs around the house. Unfortunately, paper towels are not the greenest choice available. In fact, it can take up to one to two trees (depending on the height of the tree) to make one roll of paper towels. Instead of going through roll after roll of paper towels during your next house cleaning, try giving some of these greener alternatives a shot.

“Newspaper”- A little trick I learned from my Aunt Dianne, that same newspaper you read at breakfast can also be used as a great green alternative to paper towels when it comes to cleaning windows.

“Pop-Up Sponges”- These sponges are made from all natural cellulose and can actually be cleaned and reused by being run through a dishwasher.

“Reusable Handi Wipes”- These reusable wipes are not only a greener choice for the environment, but they’ll save you some green as well. A pack of 6 only costs about $2.99.

“Microfiber Cloths”- These towels can be used on almost any surface and can remove almost any dirt, dust and bacteria without any chemical cleaners.

“Old Clothes”- If you happen to some old clothes lying around in storage or taking up space in your closet, you first look to donate them. Anything you can’t donate (maybe ripped or stained) you can now turn into a useful rag to help you clean up in lieu of paper towels.

These are just a few examples of how you can replace paper towels in your home. Remember, one roll, one tree.