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Clean Classroom, Better Grades

Most people realize that green cleaning is the safest way to clean their home. It not only is the wisest choice for the environment, but for your family as well. Traditional cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can have negative effects on you and your family. Everything from nausea, eye and skin irritation, and asthma can be caused by chemical cleaners. The indoor air quality of your home is very important. BLOG-SCHOOL2

The indoor air quality of your child’s school is also very important. Research shows a link between poor indoor air quality, sick students and teachers, and poor academic performance. Each year, children miss more than 14 million days of school due to asthma caused by poor indoor air quality. 14 MILLION DAYS! A major reason for poor air quality can be the kind of chemical cleaners that are used in the school.

Switching form traditional cleaning to green cleaning can help reduce the environmental hazards that may negatively affect children, at home and in school.


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