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Carpets, A Better Choice For Indoor Air Quality?

Many people believe that a hard-wood floor or a tile floor is a better choice to have in your home than a carpeted floor when it comes to the air quality inside. It is believed that carpeting contributes to allergens in the air, this is also why many schools do not have carpeting in classrooms.

The truth is, all indoor spaces do contain some contaminates like dust and dirt. It is these contaminates that can cause allergies and asthma in certain people. Indoor spaces that have hard-wood or tile flooring make it easier for things like dirt and dust to redistribute into the air. The carpeting, however, acts almost like a filter, trapping a lot of the contaminates. BLOG-CARPET

Of course you will have to clean the carpeting on a fairly regular basis in order to keep those nasty allergens at bay. A solution of white vinegar and very hot water can be used to steam clean the carpet, or you can mix vinegar and water together, spray onto the carpet and clean with a sponge. And of course you can always hire a great green cleaning service to come as well!


  1. jdlfloors

    10 years ago  

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.

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