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Other Uses For Your Mouthwash

Besides freshening your breath, fighting cavities and of course fighting against the gum disease known as GINGIVITIS, there are other uses for your mouthwash. As long as you use a mouthwash which contains alcohol, there are plenty of jobs you can do around the house using mouthwash. Here are a few examples of how that same mouthwash that cleans your teeth and gums can also take care of these household issues. BLOG-MOUTHWASH

“Clean The Toilet”- Simply toss a cup of mouthwash into your toilet bowl, scrub with the toilet brush, and you’ve not only killed the germs in your toilet but you’ve given it a nice shine as well.

“Laundry”- Adding a cup of mouthwash to your regular load of laundry will help freshen the laundry and help kill germs. (Use mouthwash in addition too, not in substitute of detergent)

“Computer Screen Cleaner”- Instead of going to an electronics store and spending money on “specialized computer screen cleanser”, just put a little mouthwash on a soft tissue and get rid of dust and finger prints on your computer screen.

“Clean Grout”- Usually a toothbrush and mouthwash are used to help clean your mouth. You can also team them up to clean mold off of grout in your bathroom. Simply dip an old toothbrush into a cup of mouthwash and start scrubbing.

There you go, several alternative uses for your mouthwash. So, the next time you find yourself at the supermarket, instead of buying several different items for several different jobs, maybe you should just get the extra large bottle mouthwash (make sure it contains alcohol).

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