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Cleaning With Salt

BLOG-SALTSalt can be used for many jobs, in many different ways. It can be used to prevent noodles from sticking to the pan while cooking, it can add a little bit of flavor to a bland meal, and it can even be used to melt away snow. Now you can add “natural cleaner” to the list of things salt can be used for. Here are a few of the cleaning jobs you can do when you add a little bit of salt to the mix.

“Cleaning Pots And Pans”- For cleaning a cast iron pan simply fill the bottom of the pan with cooking oil, heat up the oil for a bit and then add a few tablespoons of salt. The oil and salt will create a paste, which you can  then scrub away whatever may be stuck on there. Then, just rinse off with water and dry.

“Clean Your Coffee Pot”- To clean out your automatic coffee maker’s pot, simply add a few tablespoons of salt to the water in the pot and bring it to a boil. For cleaning coffee stains out of mugs, scrub them with a sponge and a paste made from vinegar and salt.

“Cleaning Out The Fridge”- If you need to clean a little spill in your refrigerator, or just want to give a wipe-down, a combination of salt and seltzer can get the job done.

“Carpet Stains”- If you happen to have a pet who left a little stain on your carpet, or maybe some dragged a little dirt in on their shoes, take care of the stain with a paste made up of two tablespoons of vinegar and a quarter cup of salt. Just rub the paste onto the stain, let it dry and vacuum it up.

So there you go, one more natural green cleaner to add to the arsenal. The next time you have a cleaning task, add a little NaCl!


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