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The Magic Of Vinegar

In many of our DIY green cleaner blogs, there always seems to be a use for vinegar. So much so, that my buddies and I have joked around about investing in vinegar. So why does vinegar seem to be the “go to” substance when it comes to cleaning naturally? Because it’s acidic, and can remove mineral deposits (often when diluted with water) safely from surfaces. BLOG-MAGICOFVINEGAR

I think the best part about vinegar as a green cleaning alternative, is it’s value as a “Jack of all trades”. There are literally dozens of different uses for vinegar when it comes to cleaning. Here are a few examples of cleaning jobs that can be done with vinegar when either paired with baking soda, water, or just on it’s own:

-Cleaning an Oven

-Deodorizing a Garbage Disposal

-Chrome Polish

-Drain Cleaner

-Ant / Fruit Fly Repellant

-All Purpose Kitchen / Bathroom Cleaner

-Pet Stain Remover / Deodorizer

-Grout Cleaner

-And many other uses….

Vinegar can do all of these household cleaning jobs, without the use of harsh chemicals. That is why is it seems to come up so often when talking about different green cleaning jobs using homemade solutions. So the next time you find yourself at the store about to by several different chemical cleaners, maybe you could just skip over a few isles and grab some white vinegar and baking soda instead.


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