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How To Naturally Unclog A Sink

Sinks clog, especially bathroom sinks. A lot of people think that the only way to fix a clogged sink is to use Drano, bleach, or some other product which uses harsh chemicals. The truth is, unclogging your drain can be quite simple. All you need is, a rag (to clog the drain), vinegar, a box of baking soda and a kettle of boiling water. So before you run out to the store to pick up some overpriced chemical solution, check around your house to see if you have these everyday products. BLOG-BAKINGSODAVINEGAR

Follow these simple steps to naturally unclog your sink.

1. Pour about half of the box of baking soda down the drain (do not run water).

2. Have your rag close by.

3. Pour half a cup of vinegar down the drain. (WARNING: The reaction between the two will cause a “mini volcano” of sorts which will come out of the drain).

4. Immediately plug the drain with the rag.

5. Leave the concoction in the drain for about a half an hour. While you’re waiting, start to boil a kettle of water.

6. After the half hour, remove the rag and slowly (and carefully) pour the boiling water down the drain.

After you have done this, the drain should be unclogged. If for some reason the drain still seems to be a bit clogged, you can repeat these steps until it is flowing smoothly.


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