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Help Prevent The Flu By Cleaning

Flu season is in full effect right now, and it is kicking my butt at the present moment. This years strain of the flu seems to be really bad too, so doing whatever you can to prevent you or your loved ones from getting it would be a wise decision. There are many steps you can take to prevent the flu. Steps like; getting a flu shot, thoroughly washing your hands, and avoiding touching your face (which is easier said than done).

Another effective way to prevent the spread of the flu virus is by cleaning your home. Germs are transferred in the home by touching things such as, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, refrigerator and microwave handles, computer keyboards, etc… By using sanitizing spray, sanitizing wipes, or just a good old fashioned 50-50 mix of vinegar and water spray on these items can reduce the spread of germs in the house.

If you or someone in your home already has the flu, make sure to clean up any tissues or other garbage that may have germs on it immediately. Also, any linens (blankets, pillowcases, etc.) used by the person infected with the flu should be washed separately from other linens / clothes. Children’s lunchboxes and backpacks should also be cleaned out regularly to avoid any germs that may be brought home from school.

Although we’ve all had the flu before, I think we tend to forget just how much it truly stinks. Hopefully these cleaning tips will help you avoid being reminded of how the flu feels. Oh yeah, if you happen to use a public restroom, avoid drying your hands with electric dryers. Apparently those things spread a lot of germs, so use paper towel.


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