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Tips For A Greener Christmas

With Christmas merely a week away, many people are beginning to plan for their holiday. Some people will be traveling, others hosting, and many running around at the last minute frantically buying gifts. With so much going on around the holidays and so much on people’s minds, it’s easy to forget the impact we can have on the environment around this time of year. So while you may be dreaming of a “white Christmas”, here are a few tips for a “green Christmas”.

“Wrapping Paper”- Make your own wrapping paper from old newspapers and/or magazines. If you do happen to buy wrapping paper, make sure you recycle it.

“Christmas Lights”- I’m not saying don’t put lights on your Christmas tree or even a few decorative lights outside, but nobody’s house needs to be seen from space. If you are decorating your house with lights, be sure to use LED lights. Also, taking down the lights after the new year is a good idea, no need for Christmas lights on St. Patty’s.

“Thermostat”- If you happen to be hosting a holiday party this year, lower the thermostat. If you are cooking the heat from the oven and the extra body warmth from guests should warm up the place. And if not, at least now there is an excuse to break out those (so ugly they’re cool) holiday sweaters.

“Dishes”- If you are hosting, use real dishes and utensils. This way you don’t have to throw out large numbers of paper/plastic plates.

“Real Tree”- If you are going to get a tree, make sure to get a real tree. Real trees can be composted after their use, while plastic trees need petroleum to be made, and aren’t recycled easily when you’re done with them. Not to mention, nothing looks or smells better than a real Christmas tree.

Happy Holidays!