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Household Cleaners, Dangerous For Children

Every parent wants to make sure their child is safe from harm at all times. One of the ways parents protect their children is by keeping cleaning products and other liquid based products (which can be harmful if ingested) out of the reach of children. A lot of people are fearful of their children undoing the cap on the bottle and drinking the contents (which are poisonous) inside, causing the child to become sick or possibly worse.

In a recent study, it was found that while the number cleaning product related injuries has decreased in children, about 40% of the injuries that did occur were actually caused by nozzled bottles (spray bottles).

In an effort to protect children from harming themselves with these nozzled bottles, scientists have developed a new spray bottle in which the trigger mechanism is automatically returned to a locked position after use. Since forgetting to close the nozzle on regular spray bottles was the cause of most of the related injuries, this new mechanism should prevent most future accidents.The designers of the new bottle are hopeful to see them in stores within the next year.

Even with new innovations to make cleaning bottles safer, your best bet is still to keep all harmful products far out of the reach of children.