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Wipe Your Feet, Reduce The Dirt

Sometimes, reducing the amount of dirt and grime that you bring into your home is as simple as it sounds. By wiping your feet onto a “welcome” mat (or whatever little greeting the mat may have written on it), will help keep dirt from being dragged into your home in the first place. Even though dirt will still make it’s way into your home through open windows and doorways, the amount that is brought in on the soles of your shoes is far greater.

By having an outdoor mat and an indoor mat, you can double up the effectiveness. The type of material used in the matting also makes a difference. For instance, rubber matting is good for an outdoor mat because it really does a good job of getting dug in dirt, plus it can be easily cleaned by hosing it off. For indoor matting, your best bet is acrylic with either rubber or vinyl backing. These are good because they are also easily cleaned by either being vacuumed or shaken outside.Of course you can always ask people to remove their shoes before entering your home, as well.

The home isn’t the only place that deals with the problem of dirt being dragged inside on the bottom of people’s shoes, businesses also need to reduce the amount of dirt brought in from outside as well. Of course you don’t see many people wipe their feet off before entering an office building or a store, and it’s not likely as a business owner that you would ask people to remove their shoes. Good entrance matting is the answer. The ideal length for the matting should be about six strides (if space allows), and should be by entrances and/or elevators. Good matting can hold double its weight in dirt.

So, whether in the home or at the office, the simple act of wiping your feet can reduce the amount of dirt tracked in and even increase indoor air quality.