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How To Clean Wine Stains

With Thanksgiving over you probably have a fridge full of leftovers, a recycling can full of bottles, and maybe an unfortunate wine stain on your carpet from a family member who had a little too much holiday cheer. Before you run out to the store and buy an expensive carpet cleaner which is full of chemicals, try this little homemade remedy for a natural, easy solution.

Step 1: Dab the area stained with a towel (do not wipe!).

Step 2: Add about a tablespoon of dish soap to a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3: Dip a sponge into the cup and wring it out about 50%. Then dab the area with the sponge (remember don’t wipe), most of the stain should come out right away. Let it dry and if there is any stain still visible, repeat dabbing with the sponge.

Cleaning up the spill right after it happens is the best way to make sure there isn’t a stain, but unfortunately some stains aren’t noticed until the party is over.