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How To Combat The Flu By Cleaning

It’s getting close to flu season once again, which means it is also time to prepare to fight against it. There are several ways you can fight against the bacteria that causes influenza this year. First would be to schedule a flu shot for everyone (especially kids and the elderly) in your family. Another important part in the fight against the flu is to keep a clean home, especially if someone in your home already has the flu. Here are a few of the key things to do in order to keep the flu from spreading in your home.

“Disposal of Tissues”- All tissues and other disposable items used by the infected person, should be thrown in the trash immediately. If they are handled by anyone, that person should wash their hands after items have been disposed.

“Cleaning Often Used Surfaces”- Make sure you properly clean and disinfect often used surfaces, such as, kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, and bedside tables.

“Don;t Forget The Little Things”- It is also important to remember to clean things that sometimes get overlooked but are used by everyone in the household. Things like, remote controls, light switches, doorknobs, and even children’s toys can spread germs like crazy.

“Towels, Linens, Utensils”- Things that may be shared in the household, like, bed sheets, towels, and utensils, should be washed thoroughly to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Sometimes it seems no matter how well you may prepare for flu season, someone in your home gets it. While you may not be able to control the spread of germs outside of your home, you can certainly do your part to protect yourself and your family from the spread of it inside your home by following these simple tips.