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Fall Cleaning, The New Spring Cleaning?

Springtime. It’s the much needed thaw after a long cold winter, a time when everything seems to come back to life. Plants start blooming, animals come out of hibernation, the days get longer, and for many people, this is the time when your home gets a top to bottom cleaning. Perhaps the idea for “Spring cleaning” goes back to the days when homes were primarily heated by coal, wood, and/or oil. These modes of heating would have left soot and stains on windows and furnishings after being used in a closed up home all winter. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, most homes are not heated in the same ways anymore.

So, without the need to clean away a Winter’s worth of soot and stains, is Spring the best time to do a major cleaning? Actually, Fall is a better time to get some hardcore cleaning done. Here are a few reasons why you’re better off having a “Fall-cleaning”.

“Dirt”- More dirt is tracked through your home during the Spring and Summer than other times in the year. By doing your major cleaning early in the Spring, you will end up having that dirt and grime build up in your home for an entire year.

“Springtime Pests”- When most people do their Spring cleaning they often open a window or two for some nice fresh Springtime air. While the smell of the fresh air may be nice, they are also letting in pollen, bugs and other debris. Chances are if you are doing your cleaning during the Fall, you won’t be as tempted to have your windows open.

“Holidays”- By getting your big cleaning done in the Fall, your home will be in tip-top shape for a lot of the major holidays that take place either in Fall or in Winter. If you happen to be hosting any holiday parties, it will cut back on the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do before your guests arrive.

On top of all of the other reasons to flip your cleaning from Spring to Fall, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your Spring days being outside (after being cooped up all Winter) instead of indoors cleaning?