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The “Greeness” Of The Freedom Tower

With today being the 11 year anniversary of the tragic attacks of September 11th 2001, I thought it would be interesting to a look at how the new Freedom Tower (which stands near the site of where the World Trade Center stood) is helping to honor those lost, and providing a look at a greener future.

One World Trade Center, or “The Freedom Tower” began construction in 2006, and is due to be completed sometime in 2013. When completed the massive building should stand at 1,776 feet, to honor the year our country gained it’s independence. The building will be proof that New Yorkers, and Americans in general, are moving forward towards a better future. This can also be seen in the way the building is being constructed. Much of the building’s structure is made from recycled materials, and almost 80% of the building’s waste materials are also being recycled. The roof of the building will even collect and recycle rainwater.

The building uses special glass that conserves energy by blocking out heat and uninhibiting light. While only using limited oil, and natural gas utilities, the tower will primarily be heated by steam. One World Trade will also make use of off-site hydroelectric and wind power. A steam to electricity turbine will also be used to conserve energy by using steam that in turn generates an electric current. The tower is also expected to receive a LEED Gold Certificate, which would make it one of the largest, most environmentally sustainable buildings in the entire world.