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Don’t Forget To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

No matter how often you may clean your home, you won’t “really” be cleaning if you are using dirty cleaning tools to do the job. Forgetting to clean the tools you use to clean everything else will eventually just spread bacteria and germs. Here are a few tips on how to clean those very tools which clean everything else.

“Sponges”- Sponges can actually be cleaned by being put in the microwave or dishwasher, to kill off any bacteria. They may also be put into a washing machine, but only if the temperature of the water is at least 120 degrees F.

“Rags”- Rags, like sponges, pick up a ton of dirt and grime, but should not be cleaned the same way. Rags should be thoroughly rinsed off in a sink right after use and tossed in with a load of laundry. If you really want the rag to get a superior clean, try soaking it in lemon juice and sun-drying before putting in the wash.

“Washing Machine”- Since we’ve already talked about cleaning sponges and rags in a washing machine, lets make sure they are going into a clean one. Luckily when cleaning your washing machine, it will take care of the majority of the work. Simply run a load on warm and add about a cup of white vinegar. Just open the door when you’re finished to air out a bit.

“Broom”- Cleaning your broom is something I’m sure most people don’t even think of, (at least nothing more than just brushing off dust from the bristles). To give your broom a proper cleaning, start by wiping down the handle with disinfectant wipes or use a rag with a little soap and water. Then fill a bucket halfway with soap and warm water, stick the bristles in and run your fingers through them loosening any dust or dirt. After the bristles have been removed of dirt, rinse them off with hot water in the sink, then place the broom out in the sun to dry. It’s also the same deal for mops as well.