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Back To School The Green Way

With the first week of September in the books, most kids are either finishing up their first week back at school, or preparing for their first day come Monday.  Back to school time can be a fairly expensive time, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you may think. Here are a few tips on what to do this school year to help keep some “green” in your pocket, while reducing waste.

“Walk or Bike”- If you happen to live within under a mile from the school, try having your kids walk or bike to and from school instead of driving them. It will save you money on gas, reduce emissions, and give your children some exercise.

“Re-usable Containers”- If you use re-usable lunch containers and water bottles, you will cut back on the amount of garbage you produce with paper bags and plastic water bottles. You will also save on not having to continuously purchase such items.

“Use What You Already Have”- I’m sure if you looked around your home you could find a bunch of perfectly good pens, pencils, and paper. By doing a little inventory of your home, you can figure out what you need to buy and what you may already have. This can save you some bucks and a trip to the store; not to mention it will cut back on waste.

Obviously there will be plenty of spending this school year, with new outfits and class trips, etc. But, by using these tips you can save a few bucks and help out the environment.