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A Green Clean For The Leaves

With the official start of autumn right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the fall clean-up in your yard. I always thought that if you had to do yard work, the fall was probably the best time of year to do it. With the weather nice and cool (perfect for working outside) and the beautiful scenery of the changing leaves. While doing your fall clean-up this year, why not do it the “green” way? Here are a couple ways to keep your fall clean green.

“Rake”- Instead of annoying your neighbors and polluting the air with a loud leaf-blower, try raking and bagging your leaves this year. Not only is it easier on the neighborhood and the environment, but it’s also good exercise.

“Use Biodegradable Bags”- Instead of using plastic bags for disposing of leaves, grass, and other clippings, try using biodegradable bags. These bags will wear out and turn to dust within 1-2 years, not hundreds of years like regular plastics.

“Self Powered Tools”- If you happen to have some old fashioned tools at your disposal, such as a push mower, why not use them. Although it may take a little bit longer to mow the lawn, it will be better for the environment and give you a nice little workout.

“Compost”- If you have a garden, start a compost. If you take all of the leaves and grass and start a compost heap, you can have great mulch for the spring.