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What’s In Green Cleaning Products?

We all know that conventional cleaning products use a lot of harsh chemicals to get the job done. But what’s in green cleaning products that allows them to do the same job, without harsh chemicals? Here is a little list of a few of the ingredients used in different green cleaners.

“Alkyl Polyglucoside”- This plant-based ingredient is great at removing and dissolving dirt, oil, and grease, and can be found in a number of green cleaners. It’s used in everything from all-purpose cleaners to dishwashing liquid, glass & surface, and even laundry detergent.

“Citric Acid”- This corn-based ingredient is used to reduce minerals to soften hard water in order to help green cleaning ingredients work harder. It can be found in bathroom cleaner, dishwashing liquid and cleaning wipes.

“Boric Acid”- This mineral compound helps to stabilize the cleaning enzymes which break down protein-based stains. It is used in laundry detergent.

“Hydrogen Peroxide”- This is an oxygen-based bleaching agent which is great at removing stains. It is used in chlorine free bleach.

“Essential Oils”- These oils which are extracted from plants, are used in making synthetic fragrances so the cleaning products leave behind a fresh smell. These are used in just about every cleaning product.